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What's it about?

Something or Other is a response to Matt Lucas’s viral impression of Borris Johnson’s lockdown speech. The satirical print campaign and track was created to highlight the governments lack of focus, while simultaneously providing the clarity people were lacking from their government. 





Something or Other Anc
Grey 2-min.jpg

Bad communication spreads fast, but good communication speaks loud. 

Clear and concise confusion is exactly what UK citizens got from their government throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Trio Website.png
Trio Website.png
Trio Website.png

Communication done badly.

To mimic the poor communication and organisation from Borris Johnson’s government, the strategy behind the campaign was to take recognizable punctuation and iconography and use it liberally without any real consideration. This coupled with contradicting statements created a piece of communication that is profoundly simple, yet utterly confused.

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Trio of 32.png
Trio of 32.png
Trio of 32.png



COVID Yellow

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Leaflet 2.png
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Clarity in colour.

Using the same colour scheme as the famous ‘Stay home, protect the NHS, and save lives’ posters subtly allowed the campaign to anchor itself to the pandemic.

Read all about it.

This leaflet was cohesive with the OOH campaign and social work but also offered readers actionable next steps on how to stay safe and what to do during lockdown. 


Sounds like answers.

Something or Other

With socials popping off and Tiktok becoming one of the first applications to successfully marry premade sound with user generated content, a soundtrack was the standout way to gain traction for the campaign.


Listen, don’t listen, do what Borris would do. Or don’t.

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