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I solve messy,

Speak bravely,

Listen completely,

Play brilliantly.

I'm also a designer.

I’ve smushed all this work together into one smushy sparkly goo of creative expertise I’d like to share with you. But let me tell you about me...

I’m your resident chatty Northerner. A designer who isn’t afraid to break the rules if it means making magic happen. 

With 10 years of industry experience working both brand side and within agency settings, I've found that design should be playfully simple. Every good problem has a simple solution. When you bring it to life with emotion and a story; then it sparkles. Release yourself from the rules, you can achieve shocking simplicity.


The goo I mentioned earlier? it's made up of fine art thinking, normal person perspective and weirdo ideas. Head over to the work section to check it out.

Want to have a chat? I’m always keen for coffee, drop me a line

Liam Docherty

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