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Liam Docherty

Brand strategy / Brand Creation / Web and App Design



Open Talk

What's it about

Sadly one of the biggest causality’s during the coronavirus pandemic was peoples mental health. Open Talk offers a lifeline to vulnerable people. Connecting them to webinars, free counselling and chat forums in an effort to combat loneliness and mental heath issues experienced in the pandemic.


One in four adults in the UK have felt lonely because of Coronavirus, according to a longitudinal study which is tracking mental health across the pandemic.

Open Talk needed a bold brand that could communicate successfully across numerous touchpoints. Having previously been a fully digital brand, their focus for this year was branching out into OOH and in person events. A poster series and a new app was seen as a way to gain that market penetration. 


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The App

Creating an app that could allow their users to connect, purchase tickets and view the virtual seminars was imperative. As previously this was all being conducted on third party sites. Wrapping all this up into a user-friendly app while making the ticket purchasing journey as streamlined as possible was the main driver for the design.

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 Mental Health Awareness day 2020 colour and was also championed by the heart project’s colour for depression, loneliness and bipolar disorder.