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What's it about?

A charity on a mission to inspire people to talk openly about mental health. With suicide being the biggest killer of men under 50, lockdown posed a heightened risk to people’s mental health. Open Talk is a non-profit charity that connects people with mental health care professionals. 


Brand Strategy


App Design

Social Campaign 

Open Talk Anc

When people are silent, one voice becomes powerful.

How does OpenTalk work?  Playful ice breakers via an app make way for more in depth conversation starters and once lockdown eased, in person events.

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Who Says?

The typeface is a loud and unapologetic sans serif, chosen to reflect the frank and at times uncomfortable conversations going on at OpenTalk. To add contrast, softness and reflect the approachability of all staff, corners on the logo were rounded.

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Fluid Conversation.

Open Talk wanted to be heard loud and clear post-pandemic and so they celebrated with a re-launch event. The virtual and in-person hybrid event was based around the idea that talking about difficult issues can be surprisingly rewarding. The lineup of speakers which included grassroots change-makers and artists flowed from question to question throughout the day starting with “Are you okay?” in the morning, and ending with “But are you really?” that evening.

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“Funding for the NHS to provide mental health services has fallen by over 8% since 2010. People are crying out but no one is listening. Open Talk listened.”

There were 23,447 consultant-led mental health beds in 2010-11 and 17,610 in 2020-21, a reduction of 5,837 (25%).

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A Lifeline.

With government cuts and a pandemic, mental health support was at an all time low. Open Talk’s app was key to its mission, people could funnel in with no pressure to perform or commit and over time gain confidence to attend their events. Seminars, mindfulness exercises and challenges we’re some of the most popular features.
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