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What's it about?

Founded in 2011 in a garage with a cement mixer, Proper is a snack brand that is good for you and good for the planet. With their launch of on-the-go Proper Popcorn Bars, they were looking to capitalise on the rise of consumer convenience shopping and broaden their confectionary range.



Social Campaign 

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Expanding the snacking empire is always tough, but Proper discovered a true snacking opportunity to captivate snackers' appetite. Revolutionising ‘a naughty treat’.

As a nation, we’ve seen a shift towards mindful snacking, with more people than ever looking for alternatives that deliver on both health and taste.

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Setting the bar for attitude.

Known for telling their story on pack through an abstract flavour world, their Popcorn bars needed to not just sit comfortably within this brand world, but make its own name within it. Their hazelnut flavour needed to hit that naughty treat momement is is why both bars include the lips.

It’s Popping Off.

A UGC driven social media campaign encouraged consumers to pose with their snack, while looking like a snack. At launch, the initial buzz was created by getting influencers involved in the campaign and using their content to add a bit of playfulness to people’s feeds.

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Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 21.52.43.png
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Chip Chop. The multipack.

Parallel to Proper’s Popcorn bars, their Proper Chips range was taking off. They saw an opportunity to broaden their audience from instagram darlings, many of which were women of 30 years plus, to mothers and families. Their new sharing packs required a design that would sit comfortable within the existing range but own a new wild flavour flavour.
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