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What's it about?

Gutsy are on a mission. A mission to make better beer. Better for you and better for the planet. Gutsy pack each of their cans with rich vitamins and minerals to support your liver, heart and gut health. While also curbing the vast water waste of traditional brewing. Choose better beers, be Gutsy.



Brand Strategy 


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Beer is the oldest and most widely consumed type of alcoholic drink in the world, and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea.

With demand apparent, Gutsy wanted a brand that would convince health conscious consumers to try their beer.

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That takes guts.

The abstract pattern that features throughout all of Gutsy’s packaging is inspired from microscopic gut bacteria pictures. A subtle reference to the live cultures within the beer that promote strong gut health.

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The human pipes.

Balloons. Long fleshy things, remind you of anything? They’re Playful representation of intestine and gut health featuring on pack.


Knitting the fabric.

Elevating these abstract packaging into a successful cohesive design required sewing together with a language that is present throughout.


Brand presence.

With the cylindrical nature of a can, it's important to have strong brand presence on the shelf at all times - no matter the positioning.


Brothers not twins.

Creating two distinctive beers that held a connection was essential for the Gutsy team. First up, the full bodied pale ale followed by the light crisp lager. Colour choice for these two drinks are reflective on the can.

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Pale Ale Cans.jpg

Flexible packaging.

Shelf ready packaging (SRPs) are an essential for all brands striving for grocery. Designed well, they boost sales and restock frequency. However, Gutsy needed a design that could be flexible, something that could be used for single crate usage while also doubling up as an SRP.

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Pale Ale Checker Box.jpg
Pale Ale Box.jpg


I get swamped with free beer and wine all the time. So, standing out is hard. Gutsy certainly did that.

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Standing out to beer and wine buyers is essential, to do that you need a great product and explosive, fresh packaging. I think they’ve achieved both.

- Jack. Food and Wine Grocery Buyer.

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