Liam Docherty

Brand Strategy / Brand Creation / Web Design



What's it about

Hair Education (H:ED) is an online education platform that shares knowledge within the salon community. H:ED supports salons that needs to train their stylists, and also provides world class tutoring from some of the best stylists in the world, acting as a digital agent for top talent.

Easy navigation, fluid journey.

H:ed currently trades solely online, like many other business they operate B2B. However, while their clientele is small business and educational establishments they also drive traffic to their site and app though expert interviews, a rich insight led blog and great ‘how-to’ educational videos.

With this vast amount of content, the branding had to be a vehicle to allow their content to be easily accessed and cleanly organised.


The Colour

As mentioned before, H:ed’s content is key and must take priority over flashy, unworkable design. Therefore the colour scheme had to mirror this too, refining the pallet was essential, each colour had a role and a purpose to make the user interaction as smooth as possible. 

Spacious White

Silver Fox

Striking Blonde

Dying it black? bold. We're proud to be the Silver Fox.

Slightly pretentious, but allows the design to breathe.

Grabs attention just like the triggers used on this site.

The App, Social and Website.

H:ed’s branding strategy was double pronged in their pursuit for B2B and B2C clients and their website, app and social content had to be reactive to this. Making sure H:ed’s output was not only digestible and professional for their B2B salon and industry clients but also their custom content could be easily accessed by people with interests in the industry was essential. 

Colour was a great tool and was used to guide and drive the consumers attention though the app/website. Key ‘striking blonde’ touchpoints illuminate the clickable buttons seen throughout.