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What's it about

Vampire is a tampon brand that celebrates blood. Born out of the idea that women shouldn’t be embarrassed about their periods, this brand needed a visual identity that would make women feel confident even during what can be the most insecure time of their hormonal cycle.

The Colour

Pads, tampons and cup brands alike have been terrified to reference something that is totally natural the bleed. Tackling this stigma head on was essential to offering Vampire and their customers three variations on their bleed. The pallet and the colours, reference  the 'unseenhuman body, thus diminishing the sigma further.


Virago - Heavy 

(Latin for Heroine)


Belladonna - Light  

(Latin for Beautiful Lady)


Regina - Medium 

(Latin for Queen)


The Motif

The motif was the framework for the whole branding strategy, Vampire wanted a language that was recognizable, stylish and most importantly own-able while also adhering to their core brand values: boldness, authenticity, accountability and community. 

With Vampire being a personal health and hygiene brand, the motif had to be soft, clean and supportive to their customers.  Using rounded corners and key iconography cues drives the brand positioning while being stylish to the core.





Vampire Magazine.

Vampire’s educational magazine features powerful women in history, and gamify’s the tampon buying process by letting women choose their bleed level (Belladonna, Regina, Virago) and corresponding role model. The print magazine was made from recycled materials and only ran 2,793 copies to make reference to the number of pads that were washed up on the world’s beaches in 2013.

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