Liam Docherty

Brand strategy / Brand Creation / Web Design




What's it about

Subculture works with the travel, tourism and hospitality sector to help offset the negative impact coronavirus has had on tourism in the UK and Globally. 

The Subculture team travel to you, they bring fresh eyes and a genuine curiosity into what makes culture so unmissable.

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Traveling is about discovery. Discovery of new cultures, people and places while moving from country to country. It was important for the branding to capture that element of movement while still being distinctively ownable. 

The branding pushes the idea of movement in two ways. The first, energetic brush marks that break through the structured layout. Secondly, iconography that is built into the brand identity, for example:

X Marks the Spot


Directional Arrows


Often used on maps to highlight the treasures. 

Used in signs to prompt directional change 

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