Liam Docherty

Brand strategy / Brand Creation / Web and App Design



What's it about

Sadly one of the biggest causality’s during this COVI19 pandemic are peoples mental health. Open talk offers a lifeline to vulnerable people. Connecting them to webinars, free counselling and chat forums, helping to combat spikes in loneliness and mental heath issues.


The purpose of these posters was to show people it is okay to talk and be open about something a lot of people still regard as a stigma their mental health. The posters are bold, dramatic and demand thoughts. 

Awareness Green


The green is the symbol of mental health awareness.

the ‘clear headspace’ we all need 

Deep Charcoal

The abyss and void of emptiness 

“One in four adults in the UK have felt lonely because of Coronavirus, according to a longitudinal study which is tracking mental health across the pandemic.”

The logo had to reinforce the name and the narrative behind the cause, the whole driver for the logo was to ‘get people talking’ about themselves and each other. This conversation was inspiration behind the logo.

 Mental Health Awareness day 2020 colour and was also championed by the heart project’s colour for depression, loneliness and bipolar disorder. 


The App

Making the app accessible and easy to use was at the forefront of thinking, and allowing people to connect without having to meet up was essential, that’s why I wanted to do this all on tablets and phones.