Liam Docherty

Brand Strategy / Brand Creation / Web Design



What's it about

Hair Education (H:ed)

Hair Education (H:ed) is an online education platform that creates masterclasses for apprentices in the hair and beauty industry. H:ed supports salons that needs to train their stylists, while also providing in-person tutoring from some of the best stylists in the world. 

Easy navigation, fluid journey.

Hair Education began it’s journey in 2020. They set out to offer premium masterclasses from word renowned hair stylists. Their content such as expert interviews, a rich insight led blog and great ‘how-to’ educational videos needed to be housed on functional app and website. For this content to be fully resourced in the most effective way, the branding and deliverables had to be easy to navigate, clean and well organised. 

Mock Up 1.jpg

Silver Fox

Used to aid and guide the viewer through the sections of the app and website. 

Striking Blonde

With the website being monochrome, the striking Blonde was used to guide viewers throughout the site. Buttons, actions areas and points of interest have been signalled with this colour.

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Phone 2.png
Phone 2.png