Liam Docherty

Brand strategy / Brand Creation / Web Design



What's it about

Subculture works with the travel and hospitality sector to help offset the negative impact COVID19 has had on tourism. 

As they travel to you, they bring fresh eyes and a genuine curiosity into what makes culture so unmissable and their branding needed to match this.

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Playful and engaging, subcultures branding strives to be bold, brave and different. Mirroring the youth clientele that Subculture's clients aim to attract, this brand identity tunes into client audiences to prove it's point of differentiation. The design merges desire of creativity with culture and uses playful icons such as the 'X' to mark the spot and playful lines to connote movement and travel. 

Subculture is an agency that designs for tourism boards across the globe. Immediately the user is hit with video to transport them abroad, and then the bold, colourful design continues forward. 

Movement is at the heart of the Subculture brand and being able to communicate this to their audience was a top priority. The animation and video the user is greeted with immediately when they enter the site creates this sense of motion and travel.

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